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Photo: Lawn Tractor  © 2012 David Becker

Photo: Lawn Tractor © 2012 David Becker

Sears and John Deere offer a variety of models of lawnmowers for you to choose from for your use. Sears riding lawn mowers are mainly the Craftsman brand and John Deere has its name on the ones it makes. Both are longstanding brands that have endured over the years. However, which brand should you buy for your needs? We will take a closer look at each brand to try to help you decide.

Sears Riding Lawn Mowers

The riding mowers from Sears offer features such as:

      • Hi-lift steel blade
      • Stamped steel cutting deck
      • Side discharge style of cutting deck
      • Precision cutting
      • Spring assisted cutting height adjustment
      • 6 cutting positions
      • 2 year full warranty and 5-year warranty on frame
      • Limited front axle lifetime warranty
      • Will handle both hilly and flat terrains
      • Foot pedal drive
      • Cup holder on some models
      • Turn Tight Technology for easy maneuverability
      • Hydrostatic automatic transmission
      • Automotive style of slide seat system
      • Fully assembled
      • Wide area to step thru for getting on and off easily
      • 24hp V-Twin Engine by Briggs & Stratton with full pressure lube

You can conveniently shop for these lawnmowers through the Sears website or the many stores that Sears has around the country. Any replacement parts you may need for these lawnmowers are easily ordered with the help of your owner’s manual that comes with each lawnmower. There are various sizes and styles of these mowers and it will depend on what size yard you have as to your specific needs. Prices on these mowers range from the Craftsman 420cc at $999.00 to Craftsman 54″ 26hp V-Twin Kohler model for $3099.99 on the Sears website, at least at the present sales prices. Features will vary depending on the particular model you choose.

Photo: Lawn Mower Man  © 2009 Lars Ploughmann

Photo: Lawn Mower Man © 2009 Lars Ploughmann

John Deere Riding Lawn Mowers

John Deere offers a huge variety of styles and price ranges, which cover many types of features such as the ones included in the D140 model listed below:

            • Frame is built from full-length welded steel
            • Models contain powerful engines of the V-twin design
            • A hydro/automatic drive provides many choices for ground speeds
            • Fuel gauge can be viewed from the driver’s seat
            • Front axle is made of cast iron for durability
            • CargO Mount system allows for easy installation of attachments such as the bagger
            • The Edge Cutting System provides an elevated level of performance
            • Turning radius on steering is 18 inches
            • 9 amp regulated charging system
            • Cruise control
            • Two-pedal foot-controlled hydro for control
            • Cup holder for drinks
            • Cutting width is 48 inches

These are just some of the features from the D140 model of John Deere riding lawn mowers. Many others exist on this model and other as you look through the line. The best way to shop for a John Deere product is to go to the dealership, if you have one near you. You will be able to view the best of what the company has to offer. If you do not have a dealership available, go to the company’s website. On the website,  the prices range from D105 model for $1,499.00 to X739 Signature Series model for $12,999.00. Financing is available. Features will vary from model to model. Another option is to find one via ebay. Your able to find a wide selection of brand new John Deere ride on mowers which are sold from many online stores based around America. These stores are certificated John Deere stockists which offer a guarantee with your new John Deere product.

Sears and John Deere both have the reputation for standing behind their products. Many times your decision for which mower to choose will come down to price. However, these brands both have models models within the same price range. One thing to remember is that John Deere has had 175 years of experience with making machinery. The Craftsman brand has been around since 1927. Ultimately you will need to physically compare the brands yourself to see which one fits your needs the best.

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