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Photo: Seeds Of Jatropha Mahafalensis  © 2009 Tom Rulkens

Photo: Seeds Of Jatropha Mahafalensis © 2009 Tom Rulkens

Most of the commercially grown food today is done so with GMO (genetically modified organism) seeds. This means the seeds have been altered in some manner from the original way they grew in the first place. Typically, this way of growing is used to produce the most harvest, not necessarily the best quality of the plants. This is one reason to turn to non gmo seeds for your planting needs.

With these seeds, you can choose for the biggest flowers, the sweetest fruits or the most flavorful vegetables instead of just a large harvest of less than desired quality. This is why many gardeners prefer non-GMO to GMO varieties of plants.

Another reason for growing the non-gmo seeds is that you can help to preserve the heirloom plants this way. These are plants that were grown the way nature intended over history without being modified. They are not used in commercial growing. This helps the plants continue to live in our history. You will need to make sure you buy these from a reputable place to make certain they are not GMO seeds.

Photo: Seed Starting  © 2012 K.B. Owen

Photo: Seed Starting © 2012 K.B. Owen

Genetically engineering foods could cause people to be allergic to foods they are allergic to, because of taking one part from one food and blending it with another to enhance its growth. This is an important reason for only growing seeds that are not GMO.

Less nutritional content is being seen in GMO varieties of soybeans and other foods. This means you have to eat more to get the same nutrition from the same non-GMO foods. It is hard enough to get all our nutrients today without having to deal with this. Some experts are even saying that the wheat we eat today may not digest the same in our bodies, because of its genetic modifications.

Certain studies have shown that the GMOs have toxins that could cause disease to happen in the people that eat them. This can range from problems in the kidneys to problems with immune system. Even infertility has been blamed on these types of foods grown with GMO seeds.

With the use of the genetically modified organism plants, the unwanted weeds have developed a resistance to pesticides, because there has been transference of this quality through pollination and other exposure. This has caused an increase in the use of pesticides on these weeds to kill specific insect problems.

Scientists also fear that people are becoming resistant to certain antibiotics, because the foods are being genetically modified. Remember, animals also are fed GMO food as well as humans. This can change how the food from these animals reacts in our body.

You can see there are many reasons why you need to plant non gmo seeds in your garden. Not only will you see the plants as nature intended, but also they will more than likely be healthier for you to eat in the end. Your harvest may not be as big and attractive as the GMO version, but the flavor will be better and it will contain more nutrients for your body. Many people just can sleep easier at night knowing their family is growing and eating plants that are not genetically altered from their original form. So why not learn today what the most important benefits of organic gardening are or even learn how to grow an organic garden.

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