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Photo: Hydroponics Setup In The Lab © 2007 Claudia Zimmer

Photo: Hydroponics Setup In The Lab © 2007 Claudia Zimmer

Hydroponics provides the plants with a soilless environment in which to grow. This process also uses water fortified with nutrients to nourish the plants. It is a unique way of cultivating many kinds of plants. Let’s look at the many hydroponic gardening benefits.

1. There are many different ways to set up hydroponics. This gives the gardener an opportunity to set his garden up according to his needs and preferences.

2. Since no soil is used, many of the problems associated with traditional gardening are eliminated. These problems range from insects to diseases. Some types of hydroponics still need some type of growing medium (still soilless), while others do not need it.

3. You have complete control over the nutrients you give your plants. It is this close control that my hydroponics so successful.

4. Your growing cycle is not as long as with traditional methods. This results in a higher yield, since you can grow more plants to maturity faster. The harvest could actually be triple of what you are used to with traditional methods.

5. You can set up homemade hydroponic growing systems by using buckets and trays. There is not always a need to buy premade equipment for your garden. It depends on the setup you choose to use.

Photo: Hydroponics © 2009 Takato Marui

Photo: Hydroponics © 2009 Takato Marui

6. As with other indoor gardening methods, you will not have to worry about the wildlife invading your garden for a meal. This includes bunnies, deer and any other critters that may see your plants as dinner.

7. Hydroponics is more easily adapted to organics than gardening methods involving soil. Typically, to garden in the ground organically it takes a bit of time to condition the soil to be truly organic. With hydroponics you just start off with everything organic to begin with, which cuts down on your time spent prepping.

8. Of course, if you are not into organic growing the hydroponics can involve chemicals. Remember though, organic growing could be healthier when it comes to edible plants.

9. The weather is not an issue, since you do hydroponics in an indoor setting. You do not have to battle wind, heavy rain, and hail, or wait for the ground to thaw from winter.

10. As with greenhouse growing, you control the temperature of your garden. This keeps the temperature at the right setting for optimal growth.

11. Even people with physical handicaps can take care of a hydroponic garden. The plants can be positioned just right for a person even in a wheelchair to enjoy gardening.

12. You can grow more plants in less space. When you grow using soil, the roots of the plants have to spread out to find the necessary nutrients for the plant to grow. However, hydroponic gardening benefits include the fact you are taking the nutrients straight to the roots. This eliminates the need for the plant to have a lot of space for its roots to search out nutrients. Therefore, you can do this type of gardening with limited space.


13. This type of gardening uses a lot less water than traditional means. It is more eco friendly, for this reason, because it conserves one of our most precious natural resources.

14. You can participate in this type of gardening even on a limited budget. It does not take a lot of money to be set up and started. You can buy starter kits just like the Stealth Hydroponics Basic Kit. This one comes highly recommend to beginners into hydroponics.

15.  You can use hydroponics for a small amount of plants, or on a large commercial scale. This means that if you have desire you can even make money selling your harvest.

16. Your edible produce will have an enhanced flavor. The nutritional values of it could even be higher.

17. A hydroponic setup can be fully automated. The controls can adjust the lighting, nutrient flow and temperature, so all you have to do is monitor the situation. This leaves you time for other activities within your garden.

18. Gardening of any type is relaxing and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

These are some of the hydroponic gardening benefits spelled out for you. You may find other ones, as you explore this type of gardening.[/threecol_two] [threecol_one_last]

One Reponse on “Learn What the Hydroponic Gardening Benefits Are

  • Stacy Miller says:

    I realized as a beginner in hydroponics gardening, there are so many benefits that you can get in hydroponics. I think it is a good idea to place it in a big garden so that many plants will benefited. Thanks for recommending us beginner!

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